Versteinertes Holz






Versteinerte Hölzer HAUPTSEITE


The material from Lenwood is really scarce and it is called "Lenwood Blue" because of the locality and color highlights.  Lenwood was a very small village (with a railroad siding) just to the west of Barstow, California.  The discovery of this site goes back to the 1940s when a traveling salesman (a person who visited shoe stores and took orders for one of the major American shoe manufacturers) stopped near the village for the night to camp in the desert.  While scratching around to make a firepit he uncovered some small limbs of what we now know as "Lenwood Blue".  He was an occasional rockhound and he collected what he could find and took it with him the next day to sell to a Los Angeles Rock Shop.  He made no attempt to keep the locality a secret and rockhounds visited the site over the years and collected a small quantity of small limbs.  Old Timers who knew the site talked about that anything more than 100 or 200 pounds of petrified wood was ever produced from the site.

versteinertes Holz  (Wacholder; Juniperus sp.) mit fantastischer Färbung

wird von Sammlern in den USA als "Lenwood Blue" bezeichnet

4,3 x 10 cm


Lenwood, San Bernardino County, Kalifornien / USA


extrem seltenes Holz von einer längst ausgebeuteten Fundstelle